Who we are?


The M.A.H Qadri Biological Research Center was founded in 1967 to provide research facilities to various Biological Science Department. BRC continues to provide facilities today by offering research to various teachers and M.Phil., Ph.D. students working under their supervision. These facilities mostly include space and facilities of using instruments and chemicals. Some facilities for photography and electronmicroscopy are also available to the teachers and affiliated departments.

The founder of M.A.H. Qadri Biological research center.

Dr. Fazal Hussain Qadri was born on February 7, 1912 at Bedayon (U.P). He obtained his M.Sc. degree in zoology fro Ali Garh Muslim University in 1932 and joined the same university as lecturer in 1933. in 1936 he was awarded Ph.D. degree work “Bird liee of India”. This was the first PH.D. degree awarded by the university. A second Ph.D. degree was awarded to him in 1938 by the Cambridge University, England on his research work “Morphology of the Locust, Cockroaches and Grasshoppers”. Dr. Qadri was awarded D.Sc. degree in 1950 by the Ali Garh University. He was the first student who was awarded D.Sc. degree. In 1949 he migrated to Pakistan and joined the “Forest department of government of Pakistan “, as forest into Entomologist. Dr. Qadri joined department of Zoology, university of Karachi as Associate Professor and Chairman in 1951 and become professor in 1955. From 1952-1954 he worked as Dean Faculty of science and again become the Dean in 1961 and continued till his retirement. After his retirement he become professor emeritus in 1973 this eminent scientist expired on December, 1974 leaving behind his hundreds of students who are at various responsible posts.

Dr. Qadri has been a member of Karachi University Syndicate, Senate, Academic Council, Board of Advanced Studies and Research and many other Educational Scientific and Research Bodies. He was Fellow of Zoological Societies, London, Royal Entomology Society, Member of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and President of Scientific Society of Pakistan. Recognizing his scientific contribution Pakistan academy of sciences awarded him gold medal in 1968. he also received best university teacher awarded by the government of Pakistan. Several Ph.D. degrees have been awarded under his guidance.

Various departments and research centers has been established by his personal efforts including M.A.H. Qadri biological research center.